Who's Who at UCCM

Board President: Marie Bouvier Newman
Board Vice President: Divina Rivas
Board Treasurer; Hospitality and Finance Team Leader: Betty Hunt
Board Secretary: Christopher Hogan
Board Member: Alfredo Cass
Board Member: Carmen Scaffidi
Alternate Board Member and Greeter Team Leader: Robert Blozie
Alternate Board Member: Kathi Lewando
Bookstore Manager; Fundraising and Green Team Leader: Jennifer Snay
Childcare Provider: Darcy Naylor
Choir Director: Claudia Acerra
Flower Ministry Coordinator: Jeannette Cardozo
Fundraising, Power Point and Worship Team Leader: Jill Baldarelli
Hospitality Team Leader: Lois DeMille
Licensed Unity Team and Prayer Team Leader: Arlene Dorischild
Music Director: Rachael Douglas
Office Manager: Pat Sarty
Prayer Chaplain Coordinator: Cathy Estey
Public Relations and Media Coordinator: Sheila Berger
Sanctuary Set Up Position: Nancy Minto
Senior Minister: Rev. B.J. Stannard
Usher Team Leader: Patti Rossi
Web Site Coordinator: Steven Hocurscak
Youth Education Director: Natalie Sowell